Our Vision

Directors Message:

First and Foremost, I want to thank those of you whom are Our Charter Members for Chapter 213 American Legion Rider Group of Buda Texas.

I must say that having worked with these Legionnaires on various community and Veteran functions in the past, that I am sure we will be able to accomplish Our Mission when it comes to supporting Our fellow Brother and Sister Veterans, and Community Events. We Riders strive to Support Our American Legion, Americanism, and Broad support of various Community and Veteran programs. We are a group of Veteran Motorcycle enthusiasts dedicated to Country, Family, and Fellowship.

Chapter 213 ALR Mission Statement

The aims and purposes of Buda Chapter 213 ALR shall be to promote and support the programs and community activities of The American Legion, Department of Texas and its Posts by participation in Parades and other ceremonies in keeping with the Aims and Purposes of The American Legion; to promote motorcycle safety programs; to provide a social atmosphere for American Legion members who share an interest in motorcycling and related activities; and to adhere to and promote the principles set forth in the Preamble to The American Legion Constitution.


Our Goals include being an assistant to Post 213 in whatever ways are needed:
  • To help maintain a sense of Americanism in Our communities.
  • To assist in Post 213 in becoming a Shining Light when it comes to serving Veterans and their Families and Our Local Communities.
  • To have our membership consistently increase with additional riders joining in support of Our Programs.
I look forward to working hand in hand with each and everyone involved.

May the Love of Christ encompass all

For God And Country

Reverend Phil Ferraz
ALR 213 Director